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Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Debug mode can be succesfully enabled on Samsung GX-1S with firmware 1.02.
Unfortunately, there is no debug menu like on newer cameras.
The same procedure will probably work on all *ist and GX1 cameras.

Only the MODSET and AUTORUN extensions may differ.


1. Format SD card in camera (I tested 16MB and 128MB)
2. Create file MODSET.TXT in root of SD with desired testmode (only one option at time)
3. Insert SD card in camera - DON'T CLOSE SD CARD DOORS!

4. Turn On camera and wait few seconds


modset filename: MODSET.TXT

scripting filename: AUTORUN.375


Works only in [DEBUG_MODE DIS]:











Enable/disable scripting




Enable/disable camera operation with SD card doors opened - usefull for testing:


Enable/disable debug mode





Works only in [DEBUG_MODE EN]:

[DEBUG_DSC_DISP_OSTIME_INFO] - displays internal camera clock. [DEBUG_DSC_DISP_DSP_STATE_INFO] - dsp info, you should take a picture. [DEBUG_DSC_DISP_VENDOR_INFO] - same as DSP_STATE_INFO?



[DEBUG_DSC_DISP_BVD_INFO] - some hex-values - probably exposition. [DEBUG_DSC_DISP_LVDDASH_INFO] - some numbers like DSP_STATE_INFO .[DEBUG_DSC_DISP_LV_INFO] - looks like DISP_BVD_INFO, but different numbers .[DEBUG_DSC_DISP_STROBE_INFO] - info about flash state [DEBUG_DSC_DISP_LENS_INFO] - same as DSP_STATE_INFO?

[DEBUG_DSC_DISP_CPU_STATE_INFO] - displays mode state, af state, exposure state, temperature and sw at bottom means pressed button code.

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Saturday, August 8, 2009


Some info about GX20 v1.01 and MODSET and AUTORUN functions.

MODSET.xxx works with turning on with open or closed (!) SD door (without any buttons).
Note! You must not have AUTORUN.xxx for MODSET.xxx to work :-)

All previously mentioned commands seems to work.
Additional info below:

[VLENS_CTRL] displays VLENS CONTROL on screen and do not react to keys I tried. We must find key combination that toggles SDM On/off and PZ On/Off.
[OPEN_DEBUG_MENU] Opens large debug menu on startup there you can make all functions. Like dumping your lens ROM. :-)
Especially interesting is AF PINT DISP as it displays some displacements.

AUTORUN.xxx works on every camera start, and in case of synax error it hangs sometimes.

Extra info, you could use FILEOUT "STRING" to write STRING to CHKDAT.xxx file. String will be appended to end of file.

WAIT without parameters causes syntax error.
With any parameter it wait indefinetely. Parameter may be TaskID.

You could also note that interpreter runs in his own thread, at least AF and metering works perfectly.

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Friday, August 7, 2009


Enabling debug mode.
Make file named 'MODSET.xxx' in flash card root.
Note! xxx is different for each model.
in file write commands exactly as they are provided, use notepad or other simple text editor.
MODSET file name

Camera model

File name

K10D with firmware v1.10 MODSET.421 (don't work with v1.20 and v1.30!)
GX10 with firmware v1.10 MODSET.429 (same as K10D)
GX20 v1.01 MODSET.454
K20D v1.03 MODSET.442
K200D v1.00.00.03
K7 v1.01
Km v1.10 MODSET.464

Available commands



[DEBUG_MODE EN] Enables debug mode
[DEBUG_MODE DIS] Disables debug mode
[RELEASE_AGING] Test shutter by making many expositions
[OPEN_DEBUG_MENU] Opens debug menu
[SW_DEBUG_MENU EN] Enables debug menu
[SCRIPT_EN_MODE EN] Enables script interpreter
[SCRIPT_EN_MODE DIS] Disables script interpreter
Example of proper MODSET.xx file
Turn camera off.
Turn camera on with MENU button pressed.
I don't guarantee that this will work on all cameras the same.
But easy to check.

If in original it don't work leave flash door open then turning camera back on.

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