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Saturday, August 8, 2009


Some info about GX20 v1.01 and MODSET and AUTORUN functions.

MODSET.xxx works with turning on with open or closed (!) SD door (without any buttons).
Note! You must not have AUTORUN.xxx for MODSET.xxx to work :-)

All previously mentioned commands seems to work.
Additional info below:

[VLENS_CTRL] displays VLENS CONTROL on screen and do not react to keys I tried. We must find key combination that toggles SDM On/off and PZ On/Off.
[OPEN_DEBUG_MENU] Opens large debug menu on startup there you can make all functions. Like dumping your lens ROM. :-)
Especially interesting is AF PINT DISP as it displays some displacements.

AUTORUN.xxx works on every camera start, and in case of synax error it hangs sometimes.

Extra info, you could use FILEOUT "STRING" to write STRING to CHKDAT.xxx file. String will be appended to end of file.

WAIT without parameters causes syntax error.
With any parameter it wait indefinetely. Parameter may be TaskID.

You could also note that interpreter runs in his own thread, at least AF and metering works perfectly.

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