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Friday, August 7, 2009


Enabling debug mode.
Make file named 'MODSET.xxx' in flash card root.
Note! xxx is different for each model.
in file write commands exactly as they are provided, use notepad or other simple text editor.
MODSET file name

Camera model

File name

K10D with firmware v1.10 MODSET.421 (don't work with v1.20 and v1.30!)
GX10 with firmware v1.10 MODSET.429 (same as K10D)
GX20 v1.01 MODSET.454
K20D v1.03 MODSET.442
K200D v1.00.00.03
K7 v1.01
Km v1.10 MODSET.464

Available commands



[DEBUG_MODE EN] Enables debug mode
[DEBUG_MODE DIS] Disables debug mode
[RELEASE_AGING] Test shutter by making many expositions
[OPEN_DEBUG_MENU] Opens debug menu
[SW_DEBUG_MENU EN] Enables debug menu
[SCRIPT_EN_MODE EN] Enables script interpreter
[SCRIPT_EN_MODE DIS] Disables script interpreter
Example of proper MODSET.xx file
Turn camera off.
Turn camera on with MENU button pressed.
I don't guarantee that this will work on all cameras the same.
But easy to check.

If in original it don't work leave flash door open then turning camera back on.

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