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Friday, August 7, 2009


Enabling debug mode.
Make file named 'MODSET.xxx' in flash card root.
Note! xxx is different for each model.
in file write commands exactly as they are provided, use notepad or other simple text editor.
MODSET file name

Camera model

File name

K10D with firmware v1.10 MODSET.421 (don't work with v1.20 and v1.30!)
GX10 with firmware v1.10 MODSET.429 (same as K10D)
GX20 v1.01 MODSET.454
K20D v1.03 MODSET.442
K200D v1.00.00.03
K7 v1.01
Km v1.10 MODSET.464

Available commands



[DEBUG_MODE EN] Enables debug mode
[DEBUG_MODE DIS] Disables debug mode
[RELEASE_AGING] Test shutter by making many expositions
[OPEN_DEBUG_MENU] Opens debug menu
[SW_DEBUG_MENU EN] Enables debug menu
[SCRIPT_EN_MODE EN] Enables script interpreter
[SCRIPT_EN_MODE DIS] Disables script interpreter
Example of proper MODSET.xx file
Turn camera off.
Turn camera on with MENU button pressed.
I don't guarantee that this will work on all cameras the same.
But easy to check.

If in original it don't work leave flash door open then turning camera back on.

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[ Posted by Zebooka,August 07, 2009 5:16 ]
     [RELEASE_AGING] - is release aging :) It's a test for shutter to test whether it is well done, or it will break soon. It just makes about 100 expositions. (I've turned it on sometime ago, But then switched it off with power-off as i don't need it :)

[ Posted by alexk-il,August 13, 2009 22:40 ]
     1. Use a notepad to create a file MODSET.TXT with the following line: [OPEN_DEBUG_MENU] 2. Save the file on the root directory of your SD flash card (either use the USB cable to connect to the camera or an external SD flash reader). Now you are ready to Enable/Disable the Debug mode on the best camera in the world . To Enable the Debug mode: 1. Turn off your camera 2. Open the SD flash card door and leave it open 3. Turn on your camera. Now you should see the Debug Menu on your screen 4. Close the SD flash door 5. The menu stays on the screen. The first line of the Menu should read "Debug mode ". Use "->" button to toggle the Debug mode and to set it to Enable 6. Press "OK". Half pressing the shutter will have the "Debug mode" appear on the screen. Now you can have your fun with the AF corrections. Please note, that if you switch the camera off and on, you will get back to the "Debug menu" again. You will also get back to this menu when the camera wakes up from the standby. Hitting "OK" will bring you back to the shooting mode with the "Debug mode" showing on your screen. To Disable the "Debug mode" (all AF corrections are still stored in memory) 1. Switch off the camera 2. Turn the camera on 3. At the "Debug menu" use "->" button to disable the "Debug mode" 4. Press "OK" button. That's it. The "Debug mode" has gone. To Re-enable it, see above .

[ Posted by alexk-il,August 13, 2009 23:01 ]
     Instructions above relate to K10D with 1.30 FW

[ Posted by 渔夫,August 15, 2009 9:31 ]

[ Posted by As,August 15, 2009 11:04 ]
     K-m can't work. @_@

[ Posted by jp,August 15, 2009 11:49 ]
     Doesn't work on the k2000 any updates to get this to work on the k2000 would be appreciated!

[ Posted by Zhhong2146,August 15, 2009 11:52 ]
     Who will test on K-m. If this action work OK on K-m, it's a big progress to all K-m user!

[ Posted by zhhong2146,August 15, 2009 12:36 ]
     I have tried this method on my K-m, but it can't enter the debug menu. Then I upgrade my fireware to 1.1, and try this method again. It still not work yet. Who has succeed on K-m. Tell us your process!

[ Posted by tr13,August 15, 2009 12:39 ]
     We'll try to look closely at firmware for both K-m and K2000. They have all necessary routines but they can be disabled.

[ Posted by Zhhong2146,August 15, 2009 12:55 ]
     I get it on K-m. By times and times trying, I succeed open debug menu on K-m. The process like follow: ----------------------------------------------- 1. Create a file name MODSET.464 in root directory on SD card, and the content in file are two lines: [DEBUG_MODE EN] [OPEN_DEBUG_MENU] 2. Turn off the K-m. Insert the SD card into the camera. Then Press "Delete Key" (the key below to "mneu" key) while turn on the camera. 3.You see! The debug menu is display on the screen of camera. So you can set every entries of the menu. ------------------------------------------------ Note: My fireware is 1.10

[ Posted by dolantin,August 15, 2009 12:56 ]

[ Posted by Zhhong2146,August 15, 2009 13:10 ]

[ Posted by jp,August 15, 2009 13:19 ]
     Zhhong2146 - i tried your instructions but don't see the debug menu? can you please elaborate? xie xie. thanks!

[ Posted by dolantin,August 15, 2009 13:53 ]
     # Zhhong2146 成功了啊!

[ Posted by zhhong2146,August 15, 2009 15:20 ]
     I have tried many times before I get succeed.
I have made many mistakes before I final open the Debug menu. Those mistakes include:

1. I created a TXT file. When I save it , I gave it's file name as MODSET.464. Then I copy it to my SD card. But I found that Windows automatic add a .txt after my filename, and make the filename as MODSET.464.TXT. It cannot work proper surely.

2.The contents in MODSET.464 is not proper. At first time, I coppy the article's sentence into my file, like this:
When turn on my camera while press delete key, just on line text--Debug Mode--display on the TFT. After I changed the instructions in MODSET.464 to:
and re-enter the debug mode, the debug menu appeared. 3.I have upgrade my camera's fireware from version 1.00 to 1.10. I think this is necesary!

[ Posted by jp,August 15, 2009 15:30 ]
     Zhhong2146, thanks, but i can't get it to work on my k2000 i wonder if there is a difference between km and k2000? i have ver 1.1 of the firmware

[ Posted by zhhong2146,August 15, 2009 15:39 ]
     I think K-m is the same as K2000, DPRIEW think so.
So you can check you operating, see if any difference between us.

[ Posted by zhhong2146,August 15, 2009 15:46 ]
     Conclude: How to enter K-m Debug menu:
1. Create a file named MODSET.464 in root directory on SD card, and the content in that file are two lines:

2. Turn off the K-m. Insert the SD card into the camera. Then Press "Delete Key" (the key just below to "menu" key) while turn on the camera.

3.You see! The debug menu should display on the screen of camera (sometimes you may need to half-press the shuttle button). So you can set every entries of the menu.

[ Posted by Masaho,August 15, 2009 16:18 ]
     GX-10 FW 1.30: MODSET.TXT [OPEN_DEBUG_MENU] {on/off debug menu} [SW_DEBUG_MENU EN] or MODSET.TXT [DEBUG_MODE EN] {on debug mode} [OPEN_DEBUG_MENU] MODSET.TXT [DEBUG_MODE DIS] {off debug mode} [OPEN_DEBUG_MENU]

[ Posted by Masaho,August 15, 2009 16:22 ]
     GX-10 FW 1.30:_ {on/off debug menu}_ MODSET.TXT_ [OPEN_DEBUG_MENU]_ [SW_DEBUG_MENU EN]_ or_ {on debug mode}_ MODSET.TXT_ [DEBUG_MODE EN]_ [OPEN_DEBUG_MENU]_ {off debug mode}_ MODSET.TXT_ [DEBUG_MODE DIS]_ [OPEN_DEBUG_MENU]_

[ Posted by jp,August 15, 2009 17:02 ]
     Okay. got it to work with k2000. filename is MODSET.482 close card door press delete button, while powering up

[ Posted by jp,August 15, 2009 17:22 ]
     Seems like you can get a dump of the lens' data and edit it too. what value to put is another story. does this mean that we can fine tune a lens by "writing" to the lens itself?

[ Posted by zhizun99,August 16, 2009 1:46 ]
     谁能够 打开 K10d1.3 工程模式 Who can open K10d1.3 engineering model

[ Posted by sean,August 16, 2009 2:16 ]
     K10 FW1.3 could not work with the way would you give me a compele file to do this

[ Posted by Tom,August 18, 2009 7:30 ]
     Works like charm on my k200d :]

[ Posted by Vertigo,August 18, 2009 15:14 ]
     Works like a charm on my K2000 (North American name for Pentax K-m), simply upgrade you firmware to Ver.1.10!!!!! And change file extension to MODSET.482!!!!!!! P.s. (For Pentax K-m, not a K2000) file extension is different: MODSET.464!!!!

[ Posted by John Manktelow,August 18, 2009 20:14 ]
     MODSET files saved on Apple Mac computers do not work without a small alteration due to the differences in text files between Mac and PC. Save the file in Word (or another text editor that allows the choice between Mac or PC encoding) as plain text and change the text encoding option to MSDOS (CR/LF). This will allow the camera to read the file.

[ Posted by mike chan,August 20, 2009 1:03 ]
     Good job!

[ Posted by jp,August 24, 2009 16:15 ]
     What's the maximum value for the AF adjust? it seems like you can keep adding to the adjustment value, but is there a max? (k2000/km/k200) tnx!

[ Posted by south,September 08, 2009 22:19 ]
     When create a MODSET file for K-m: Open New Notepad document. Place inside [OPEN_DEBUG_MENU] then FILE --> Save as --> change "Save as type:" to All files --> then fill in "File name:" MODSET.464 --> Save and close the document. .. be carefull with Af-test ..

[ Posted by melamine,October 01, 2009 2:29 ]
     Does not work on K200d with firmware 1.00 any ideas how to update firmware to

[ Posted by NXT,October 09, 2009 5:11 ]
     It works on my k200d winth firmware 1.00, just leave CARD door open when you press DELETE and turning on tnx!!!!

[ Posted by NXT,October 10, 2009 20:05 ]
     No need to prees DELETE, just turn on with card door open.

[ Posted by melamine,October 14, 2009 18:36 ]
     Still doesn't work...

[ Posted by Smith,October 22, 2009 9:56 ]
     On Samsung GX-20 in debug mode does not appear AF TEST menu. Do you help to understand with this problem?

[ Posted by Berrt,November 07, 2009 21:43 ]
     Same problem as Smith have. Do you have any idea how to correct AF in GX20 in debug menu??

[ Posted by Antanico,November 13, 2009 8:54 ]
     K200D works saving the file MODSET.445 in the root of SDcard and switching ON leaving the door open. The text file needs to report as follows: [OPEN_DEBUG_MENU] [SW_DEBUG_MENU EN] [DEBUG_MODE EN] [DEBUG_MODE DIS] [RELEASE_AGING] [SCRIPT_EN_MODE EN] [SCRIPT_EN_MODE DIS]

[ Posted by Steve,November 13, 2009 13:38 ]
     Antanico, are you saying that all 7 command lines must be entered in MODSET.445 file to use on K200D? If all 7 commands need to be included, should they be on separate lines, or all on one line? If one line, with or without spaces between? Thanks

[ Posted by Antanico,November 23, 2009 10:51 ]
     Hi Steve, On K200D to let the extra DEBUG menu appear you need to save the file MODSET.445 in the root of SDcard and switching ON leaving the door open. The text file needs to report as follows in 7 SEPARATE LINES (that in this forum I cannot format): [OPEN_DEBUG_MENU] [SW_DEBUG_MENU EN] [DEBUG_MODE EN] [DEBUG_MODE DIS] [RELEASE_AGING] [SCRIPT_EN_MODE EN] [SCRIPT_EN_MODE DIS] If you want write me to antanico AT hotmail DOT com and I can send you the file I made to let it work. Regards, Ant

[ Posted by Carl-Erik,March 06, 2010 16:20 ]
     GREAT work. Love to not use an external program. Thanks for all the work. BTW, I cannot get [OPEN_DEBUG_MENU] to work on my GX-10 v 1.30. Nothing happens. [DEBUG_MODE EN] works, though :-) Mentioned it on my blog so more people will fin dit: oligofren.wordpress.com/2010/03/06/enable-debug-mode-without-external-program-on-k10dgx-10/

[ Posted by Anders,April 07, 2010 6:51 ]
     Thanks a lot! Before I had to max out focus correction on my K-7 for most of my lenses and still it was backfocusing. MODSET.474 and [OPEN_DEBUG_MENU] worked on my k7 v1.03 and after focus correction in the test menu the focus is now spot on :)

[ Posted by Balu,April 27, 2010 20:32 ]
     Thanks a lot guys! It is now very easy to correct the front / backfocusing issues, especially without a computer. :) There's one thing missing in my K10D: the option to save the focus correction value assigned to different lenses... Iknow, I know, it is an older technology, but still... :)

[ Posted by sam,August 08, 2010 16:11 ]
     What should be the file name for K-7 with firmware 1.10 ? any idea

[ Posted by Zebooka,August 09, 2010 9:19 ]
     Same as it was before - MODSET.474

[ Posted by johan,August 29, 2010 9:19 ]
     Anyone know the modset for k-7 version .474 and .txt arn't doing it for me =(

[ Posted by johan,August 29, 2010 9:21 ]
     Comment re-above, .474 does work, secret is to leave the flash card door open, thanks

[ Posted by Richard Bellavance,August 30, 2010 13:10 ]
     I must be dumb, but I can't find the AF TEST section in the debug menu of my K-7 (fw 1.10). There are 5 pages of "Development menu", but all I can find related to the AF is "AF PINT DISP", which is read-only... Can anyone help ?

[ Posted by Richard Bellavance,August 30, 2010 13:16 ]
     Never mind, I just found it... If anybody is wondering the same thing, here are the steps I took: 1. Access the debug menu with MODSET.474, and make sure DEBUG MENU is set to 2. Make sure the SD card door is closed 3. Press Ok, then half-press the shutter release. "DEBUG MODE" should appear on the LCD screen. 4. Press Menu 5. There is now a "hidden" menu between the "Wrench" and "C" menus. This is where you'll find the AF TEST options.

[ Posted by Antanico,September 23, 2010 10:37 ]
     Is it possible to upload the MODSET.445 that is working for me somewhere in this site? Where can we make available all the MODSET.xxx for our Cameras? Regards, Ant

[ Posted by oZen,September 30, 2010 18:14 ]
     Does anyone know if K200D firmware update 1.10 will work with that trick ? And if it won't, will the AF changes I've done with V.1.00 stay as I tuned it ?

[ Posted by shadow,October 03, 2010 11:39 ]
     OZen, it will. MODSET.445 [DEBUG_MODE EN] [OPEN_DEBUG_MENU] and turn on with card door open. then close door and go further with AF adj.

[ Posted by pod,December 03, 2010 8:47 ]
     Does somebody know the Modset Number for Pentax K-5?

[ Posted by Zebooka,February 18, 2011 6:03 ]
     Pod, unfortunately this file is not called MODSET. It's basename is unknown. Extension is *.505 zebooka.com/pentax/

[ Posted by alexk-il,March 14, 2011 13:33 ]
     Is it possible to find the K-5 debug file name using an SDCARD developement kit? Theoretically, you can program the SDCard controlelr to leave the log of every file being open/closed on the card. Just an idea

[ Posted by Raj,April 17, 2011 21:30 ]
     Please find a hack for doing 24fps on the K-5. I will glad pay for it :)

[ Posted by rageworx,May 23, 2011 4:48 ]
     I have decrypted my new firmware of Pentax K-5. Actually I can't disassemble with IDA Pro free. (There's no kinda FP series base.) I can see this : d.d in firmware. So I guess, how did you know 505 ? I guess it same way to find 505 and filename in numbers. How?

[ Posted by jesito,November 02, 2011 6:31 ]
     Does anybody know what is "safe mode" on the K200D and how to get in and out from it?. Thanks in advance.

[ Posted by slang,November 15, 2011 11:35 ]
     Found out that turning off noise reduction [DISABLENR] meant that the camera menu setting for noise reduction has the desired effect for >30sec exposures. That is, when this is set, the in camera setting works for both short (<30sec) and long (>30sec exposures). I have been unable to reverse this setting - [DISABLENR] 0@ does not work for me, but luckily I can turn it back on in the menu.

[ Posted by slang,November 15, 2011 11:39 ]
     That was on a K10d v1.30 by the way.

[ Posted by betty,November 23, 2011 15:25 ]
     How do I get rid of the .txt at the end of modset.454.txt??

[ Posted by Dave,November 26, 2011 11:52 ]
     @Betty: try "save as" then make sure you save as "any file" not .txt files..

[ Posted by betty,November 27, 2011 11:13 ]
     @Dave does not work. no matter how i save it it always ends in .txt :/

[ Posted by betty,November 27, 2011 11:45 ]
     @Dave/everyone. Cracked the debug menu at last. I was making a txt doc then tring to save that as instead of making the doc inside notepad and saving that as... Now how do I use sysparam to diable noise reduction on my GX-20???

[ Posted by Bob-O-Rama,December 01, 2011 4:58 ]
     As a practical matter since you can stuff 100,000 files into a FAT32 file system, you can brute force determining the files used for the K-5. Make an innocuous modset file name it 00nnnnnn.505 and see what happens. Then try 01nnnnnnn.505 in that way testing 100,000 possible combinations in one shot. you only have 100 tests so on average you would only need 50. That's like weekends work if you are dedicated, perhaps 2 if not. This assumes the poor firmware can handle this many files in the directory, and the 505 extension is correct.

[ Posted by K7,February 22, 2012 12:05 ]
     Is there a way to disable dfs on my K7 with v1.11 firmware?

[ Posted by Matt,October 23, 2012 11:33 ]
     Just a hunch. The last three digits are 505 for K5, and 504 for K-r Not sure, but think the first 8 digits might be 01000230 for both cameras :-P I have yet to try this out... Pentax should really ask for my help in obscuring these better! LOL!

[ Posted by pentaxer,May 29, 2013 23:50 ]
     Hello I've discovered this site searching for the state-of-the-art about any pentax hack. With the success of Magic Lantern thing, many Pentax users just freak out when thinking how exciting would this software be in our K5 and K5II cameras. know anybody working on that?

[ Posted by uttam hathi,October 05, 2014 4:34 ]
     For two weeks i have been asking how to use frmcrypt.exe, it loads in win7 then what, understand its commandline, Till date i no one has replied what the command for command line is!!!, HAS ANY ONE USED IT, i am using IDA pro 6.1, hex editor Neo, i need to decrypt to change the acceptability of version no. else maybe work alone

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