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Monday, April 19, 2010


Panasonic original V1.12 firmware update:




My firmware manipulation tool




We need you to test some parameters of update procedures


Detailed instructions:


1) Place prool.zip and GH1__V12.zip inside one folder.

2) Extract both archives and delete zip files.

3) Now you must have five files - ptool.exe, make1.bat, make2.bat, make3.bat, GH1___112.BIN

4) Run make1.bat (minimal risk version patch, firmware are touched only at the digest part)

5) Copy resulted GH1___113.BIN to SD card and follow firmware update instructions from Panasonic.

6) Send here results.

7) Make same things from 4) with make2.bat and make3.bat.



Info for experts :-)


ptool.exe gh1_112.bin gh1_113.bin -vdt


Makes new encoded binary file and applies three patches (remove any characters from parameter to apply less patches)


-d Makes bad digest - Lowers risk

- t Simple one char text patch, makes SUNSITIVITY :-) - I don't see much risk here

-v Patching version number in three places


Please, note that you must change firmware name to GH1___113.BIN


1) Try to load firmware by just changing name

2) Apply digest and/or text patches, try again.

3) Most probably nothing changes until version patch will be applied.


Update must show some error if digest is really checked.


If update runs smoothly without checking digest we can save many hours.


Report each and every step and photo screen in case of error.


P.S. As always, no one can quarantee that you camera will work after this :-) But I do not touched any code, so all must be ok, just error messages at initial update phase.

P.P.S. This will not improve your camera in any way, this is just for research purposes.

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[ Posted by Yuk,May 08, 2010 19:13 ]
     After downloading and unzipping and deleting zip files, I have 4 files: ptool.exe make_fps.bat make_t.bat GH1_121.bin If I try to run both .bat, I get an error saying the file is not found inside the directory. Nothing I can do. Hints?

[ Posted by andy,May 10, 2010 6:22 ]
     Out of curiosity, could the GH1 firmware be hacked in some way to run on the G1 body to enable the ability to video?

[ Posted by Scott,August 13, 2010 0:39 ]
     Pentax-hack.info/firmware/pan/ptool.zip This broken link! 404 error, please fix! -Thanks

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